Historic Victory for NYS Nonpublic Schools

Teach NYS helped to secure a historic victory for nonpublic schools in the 2018 New York State budget, which allocates $289 million to nonpublic schools. This funding includes a record-breaking $40 million for nonpublic school security and the creation of a new reimbursement program for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) instruction.

Teach NYS advanced STEM and security funding as key priorities for the 2018 budget, continuously highlighting the inequity in New York’s education system for nonpublic school students. On March 1, Teach NYS brought an unprecedented group of 600-plus students, parents, teachers, and lay leaders to Albany to urge New York legislators to increase funding for nonpublic schools. Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed the Teach NYS group and pledged his support.