Every child deserves access to a quality Jewish education. In seven states across the country, Teach Coalition advocates on behalf of yeshivas and Jewish day schools for equitable government funding and resources, helping ensure that Jewish education can be attainable for all families.

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Who we represent

Member Schools
Member School Students
of yeshiva and Jewish day school students in our member states

Major Milestone Achievements

Teach Coalition successfully championed advocacy efforts resulting in $2.7B in funding for nonpublic schools (2022-2023)
Establishing state security funding programs in all six states and growing them to over $138.2M in 2022.
Championing the first-in-nation STEM nonpublic school funding programs in New York
and New Jersey.
Achieving universal scholarship eligibility for Florida’s $8,000/student
scholarship program.

What People Say About us

“Maury and his team are always willing to make a call and work on any opportunity to help benefit our yeshivot.”
Charles Mizrahi
Magen David Yeshivah
“Teach PA has taught us how to advocate for our students and our school and we have experienced great benefit.”
Rabbi Isaac Entin
Head of School, Caskey Torah Academy
“Thank you all so much for everything you do – we would be lost without the invaluable support that Teach NJ provides in so many ways!”
Rabbi Saul Zucker BPY
Head of School
“We are really excited about the NYC security guard program. It has made our school a safer place by adding the presence of more security guards.”
Rabbi Joseph Beyda
Principal, Yeshivah of Flatbush
“This organization does right for people with children in parochial schools, making sure no child is left behind. Teach NJ not only talks the talk but walks the walk, too.”
Michael Wildes
Mayor of Englewood
“We support Teach because it's a well managed, wonderful grassroots organization that relies on our collective involvement, and has significantly moved the needle on public funding for nonpublic schools and, specifically, our Jewish day schools. Every contribution to Teach is multiplied exponentially, which is what we call a great investment!.”
Leslie and Josh Ostrin
Teach NJ Activists
“Regarding grants, I know where I want to go, but I don't know how to get there. I’m not a grants person. She's (Rebekah/Gov Max Team) is there for every step. Anything I don't know what to do, anything I don't know where to go. She is my first and only lifeline. You know, I go to her and she's very responsive. She's like, you know, within a couple of hours it gets done and, you know. I can't even quantify how much work they do for us. And valuable, and such unity and expertise. Everyone I dealt with made it happen.”
Scott Buchner
North Shore Hebrew Academy

Support Us

Help Support Teach Coalition’s Advocacy Efforts 


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