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    United, Empowered
    Nonpublic School Advocacy

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    United, Empowered
    Nonpublic School Advocacy

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    ACTION ALERT: California - Support Equal Opportunities for Jewish Children with Special Needs

    All Students
    Deserve To Thrive

    All Students Deserve To Thrive

    For too long, the needs of nonpublic schools, like yeshivas and day schools, have been ignored when it comes to government aid.
    • Teach Coalition a project of the Orthodox Union, is a multi-state, grassroots movement devoted to advocating for nonpublic school funding and resources.
    • Join us as we fight for quality, affordable nonpublic education.

    “We are really excited about the NYC security guard program. It has made our school a safer place by adding the presence of more security guards”

    Rabbi Joseph Beyda
    Principal, Yeshivah of Flatbush

    “Maury and his team are always willing to make a call and work on any opportunity to help benefit our yeshivot.”

    Charles Mizrahi
    Magen David Yeshivah

    “Thank you all so much for everything you do – we would be lost without the invaluable support that Teach NJ provides in so many ways!!”

    Rabbi Saul Zucker
    BPY, Head of School

    “I deal directly with families that struggle, and it’s painful and difficult. We used to have a lot more of those conversations, and now we have a lot less. Teach has been a lifesaver.”

    Rabbi Chaim Friedman
    Director of Development at Yeshiva Elementary School (YES)

    “Teach Florida is doing an extraordinary job working with our elected officials to tap into funds to help support our education, an education which is a birthright for every Jewish child.”

    Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

    “Having access to the security grant will allow us to sleep a little easier at night knowing that we are doing our best to keep our children safe.”

    Besie Katz
    Principal, Politz Hebrew Academy in Philadelphia

    “Teach PA has taught us how to advocate for our students and our school and we have experienced great benefit. There is more work to do and we look forward to continuing our close partnership with the organization and staff”

    Rabbi Isaac Entin
    Head of School, Caskey Torah Academy

    government aid

    Helped grow government aid to nonpublic schools by $2 billion
    Help deliver $2 billion in government aid


    Empowering yeshivas and day schools across communities
    Empowering 450 Yeshivot and Day Schools

    Grassroots Movement

    A united grassroots movement fighting for our schools, teachers, and kids.
    40k voters and activists fighting for our students to have affordable excellent educations


    Measurable Achievements, VITAL Benefits

    • STEM



      With the global economy moving at breakneck speed towards STEM-focused professions, the need to provide a top STEM education to our children has never been more crucial. Teach Coalition is at the forefront of advocating for government programs that fund STEM teacher salaries in nonpublic schools. With the creation of the first STEM teacher reimbursement program in the country in New York and the second in New Jersey, which matches public school teachers with nonpublic schools, Teach Coalition continues to find groundbreaking approaches to ensure state governments address these vital costs. 

    • Special Education


      Special Education

      Nonpublic school students are eligible for a range of special services through the Federal IDEA law. Services include evaluation, educational services, speech and vocational therapy, counseling, and more. Teach Coalition works in our member states to ensure these funds and services reach our students through legislation, advocacy, and coalition building. To learn more, click here: FL NJ NY PA

    • Universal Pre-Kin


      Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK)

      With more parents working full-time than ever before, educational policy makers have repeatedly stressed the need for robust and challenging early educational programs that prepare 4-year-old children to succeed in elementary school. Efforts in New York have focused on making UPK for ALL accessible to yeshivas and day schools.

    • Security



      In an uncertain world, attacks against Jews are at all-time high. Schools, shuls, and community organizations desperately seek resources to prevent attacks and keep our families safe. Teach Coalition has developed security initiatives in multiple states that provide grants, allocations, personnel, training, and risk/vulnerability assessment. To learn about the initiatives in your state, click below.  

    • Covid-19 Relief


      Covid-19 Relief

      The Covid-19 Pandemic has fundamentally changed education and created major challenges, as well as opportunities, for nonpublic schools. Teach Coalition worked nationally throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to navigate the myriad challenges faced by schools and families by establishing kosher grab ‘n go meal sites, facilitating technology acquisition, and serving as a liaison to government on reopening planning. Teach Coalition has also advocated for tens of millions of federal funding dollars for schools through the CARES Act and has assisted scores of schools in accessing this funding. 

    • K-12 Scholarships


      K-12 Scholarships

      Recognizing the value of diverse educational opportunities, many states have established tax credit K-12 scholarship programs that alleviate the financial burden on nonpublic schools’ tuition paying families. Teach Coalition works to lobby for and craft legislation that creates and strengthens these programs and ensures they are funded properly. To learn more, click here:

      FL PA

    • Busing



      Busing for nonpublic school students enables every student to have the opportunity to attend a Jewish school. As there is often no statutory obligation for a school district to provide these services, advocacy is the only route to get districts to allow and pay for transporting nonpublic school students. To learn more about Teach Coalition’s efforts in specific states, click on your state. 

      FL NJ NY PA

    • Mandated Services


      Mandated Services

      Mandated Services Aid is a New York State Education Department program that reimburses schools for the costs associated with fulfilling designated mandates, including attendance-taking, administering state tests, keeping immunizing records, and more. It is the largest source of government funding for nonpublic schools in New York State. Teach Coalition not only advocates for continued and increased funding for Mandated Services Aid for New York schools, but also provides expert claim analyses, processing, and submission services for our member schools

    • Technology



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