AIS April Deadline and Funding for Math and English/ELA

Deadline April 15th!

Your school may be eligible to receive full NYSED reimbursement of certain educational expenses if your students have scored below proficient on the New York State Mathematics or English/Language Arts examinations for grades 3-8. Reimbursements cover software, professional trainings, in-classroom coaching and more!

To make this grant opportunity even more beneficial, if you were eligible for funds in the past and have not yet applied for reimbursement, it is not too late to collect your accumulated funds since 2015. The funds have simply rolled over and have been added to your 2022-2023 allocation. You can view the allocation list here.

All funding must be used to specifically help your students with Math and English/Language Arts, and any expense for which you are seeking reimbursement cannot have already been reimbursed through another program. Only those who have reported their New York State examinations are eligible for this funding opportunity.

Please refer to NYSED guidance to fully understand allowable program expenses. All program information, including the application, can be accessed here.

Applications must be submitted by April 15th. If your school misses the deadline or does not use its full allocation, you will still be able to apply for and access it next year. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jacob Nemeth at (212) 613-0622 or