GovMax Member School Conference 2023 Recap

Thank you to all the school leaders who attended our 2nd annual member school conference. It’s always exciting to meet as a group in person and our staff appreciated the networking, strategizing, and high-level discussions that took place. We heard a lot of amazing feedback from participants and are still very interested in hearing any takeaways you had from the day. If you haven’t yet filled out the conference feedback form, then you are welcome to fill it out here  

We want to thank our guest presenters as well, particularly Mitch Silber and Seth Goodstein from CSI who shared important guidance on the threats we’re facing domestically and practical ways we can protect our institutions. 

Approximately 50 schools were represented at the conference with close to 60 participants, and the high energy was palpable. Whether it was learning about the powerful impact of our STEM master’s program partnerships, understanding more about security grants and the procurement process, or open forums about programs and advocacy, everyone left with much information to unpack and many follow-up items. One school accidentally rsvp’d and attended, even though they weren’t a member school. They were so impacted by the event that they immediately joined as a member school. 

We value our partnership and are grateful for the opportunity to be a resource to your school communities. We look forward to a successful year filled with only blessings for the Jewish people.