How The Teach NYS Master’s Program Partnership Can Benefit Your School

STEM LogoTeach NYS’s partnerships with SUNY Empire and Gratz College were launched in the summer and have proven an immediate success for our member schools. For the fall semester alone, nine member schools had 14-15 teachers enroll in our Masters in Education partnership programs. See below for a list of most of the participating member schools.

What does this mean for those schools? Well, a $10,000 investment in a teacher’s degree will not only enhance the quality of education at the school at minimal cost, but it will qualify a STEM-subject teacher to be reimbursable under the NYSED STEM/MST salary reimbursement grant program. For a full-time teacher, that would mean the teacher’s school will ultimately receive about $50,000 from NYSED as a reimbursement for that teacher’s salary alone, per year. That would be a 500% return-on-investment in the first year. After five years of reimbursements – $250,000 from NYSED – the return would be 2,500%. For a half-time teacher, the annual reimbursements would roughly be $25,000, for a 250% return after the first reimbursement.

For these nine member schools, conservatively assuming that the teachers teach about half time, NYSED will ultimately issue them an additional total of nearly $400,000 per year. After five years of reimbursements, these nine member schools will be awarded about $2 million collectively for these teachers alone. A $2 million return on a $150,000 investment is, by any standards, a major victory for our schools.

The application window for the next enrollment period for both SUNY and Gratz are open now. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in having any of your teachers enroll in one of our MEd partnership programs, visit for more information. If you are a member school of Teach NYS, please email for admission staff contact information at SUNY and Gratz as well as for links to the applications.

Please stay tuned to our emails because in November we will be hosting another open webinar about the MEd programs as well as giving our member schools a promotional flyer that they can share directly with their teachers.