Increased Enrollment In Teach NYS Masters Program

We’re excited to share that, although final counts are not yet available, at least four more Teach NYS member schools’ teachers have enrolled in our masters partnerships for the Spring A semester. We expect more to enroll in Spring B. The cost of our master’s program is under $10,000 per teacher and each teacher is expected to bring in about $25,000 in STEM reimbursements for their school, per year. 

In total, there have been at least 14 Teach NYS teachers from 10 member schools enrolled in our programs, which will result in a total of about $375,000-$500,000 per year in salary reimbursements paid to those 12 schools. These teachers combined will bring in $1 million every 2-3 years to their schools. 

In addition to our masters degree partnerships with SUNY and Gratz, we are also working on two more additional partnerships. We hope to announce them soon, and they will complement the two current partnerships by offering different programs and serving different audiences and teachers at your schools.  

If your school currently has teachers enrolled in one of our programs, we would love to speak with them. We’d like to learn more about their experiences so that we can improve the structure of the partnerships, further customize the programs, and more effectively help you recruit teachers. Please feel free to put your teachers in touch with Adam Katz (