Kosher Grab N Go Meals (updated June 30th)

IMPORTANT LUNCH CHANGES: Daily lunch distribution will end Thursday July 2nd. Beginning Tuesday July 7th, families will be able to pick up a box of food for the upcoming 7 days, including both breakfast and lunch. YOUR MUST REGISTER HERE in order to pick up food. Please visit for updated information.


There will be four pickup locations every Tuesday beginning on July 7th. You must register each week. Registration is now open for this upcoming Tuesday July 7th.


Hollywood: Brauser Maimonides, 5300 SW 40th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL | 4 PM – 7 PM.


Margate: Hebrew Academy of Margate, 1500 North State Road, #7, Margate, FL 33063 | 4 PM – 7 PM. This is the closest eligible site to Boca Raton.


Miami Beach: Kosher Koop, 4000 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL | 3 PM – 5 PM


North Miami Beach: Toras Chaim, 1025 Miami Gardens Dr, North Miami Beach, FL 33179, 5 PM – 8 PM



Daily lunch program information below: program ending Thursday 7/2.


The state of Florida is starting to provide kosher lunches for students beginning Thursday April 30th. Teach Florida, the Jewish advocate for government funding for our schools and students, worked extensively with the state so that more than 2000 lunches will be provided daily when the program is fully up and running.


Grab and go lunches will be provided at four locations in South Florida:


Miami Beach: Hebrew Academy Miami, 2400 Pine Tree Dr, Miami Beach, FL   Noon – 1:15 pm. The meals are provided by Nissen’s Catering under the ORB, and are pas yisrael and cholov yisrael (if dairy).


North Miami Beach: Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes Klurman Campus, 1025 NE Miami Gardens Drive, N. Miami Beach FL 33179.  Pick up times are 11:15 am  – 12:30 pm.   Please note that the meals are available to all students through high school. The Yeshiva does not endorse/supervise Kashrus, rather each person should consult with their own Rav. The meals are provided by Nissen’s Catering under the ORB, and are pas yisrael and cholov yisrael (if dairy).


Hollywood and Broward: Brauser Maimonides, 5300 SW 40th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 10:30am-12:00 pm. The meals are provided by Nissen’s Catering under the ORB, and are pas yisrael and cholov yisrael (if dairy).


Boca Raton: Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton (TTB) 7200 Palmetto Cir N, Boca Raton, FL  11:15-12:30 pm. Meals are from Stefano’s Kosher under the ORB,and are pas yisrael and cholov yisrael (if dairy).]




    1. The lunches will be a mix of freshly cooked meals from local kosher caterers and kosher shelf stabilized meals. Because the shelf stabilized meals are only being delivered at the end of the week, just the 1300 fresh meals will be offered across all four locations these first days.  We apologize in advance that the lunches may run out these couple days but the community believes it is important to not let one more day go by without meals for at least the majority of our students whose families indicated that meals would be deeply appreciated.


    1. It may take a few days to get the right number of meals to each location.  We are working from last week’s survey of families interested in meals and will be tweaking the process over the first couple days.


    1. Our schools and families hosting the grab and go lunches are volunteering, along with the community members manning the delivery to your cars. Again, please be patient as we work out the delivery system.  If you are interested in volunteering, please reply with your name, day(s) and location.


    1. Please come to the location with a mask. Since the meals are being given by the state for children, you will be asked how many children you have or you can pre-write the number  on a paper and hold it to the window, open the trunk or back door and the meals will be put inside.


Together with Teach Florida, we want to thank Governor Ron DeSantis, FL Dept of Emergency Management Commissioner Jared Moskowitz and his team, FL Dept of Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried and her team, Representative Joe Geller, and Miami/Dade School Board Commissioner Dr. Martin Karp for working to make this happen.