Mandated Services: Pro-Rated Payments and What That Means

CAP-MSRAs most of you are aware, NYSED Mandated Services Aid claims were paid at the end of May, pro-rated at 90% of the total school claims. The other 10% is expected to be paid out in the coming months, if not sooner. The only time in recent history that this happened was in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic caused, among other much worse things, a State fiscal crisis. Schools whose claims were placed on “hold” status before the onset of the pandemic received an 80% payment with the remaining 20% being paid in the summer.  

There are several reasons for optimism on a quick resolution of this issue. First, the pro-rated payment is not due to a State fiscal crisis. Second, the money needed is much less than 10% as the state has different pots of money that can be utilized. Third, budget language this year and all other years clearly requires NYSED to pay the entire claim requests of the nonpublic schools. Delaying payment could potentially be seen as a violation of State law and is certainly not something that NYSED wants to do.  

These types of issues underscore the need for continued advocacy on the State level to make sure that critical programs, including Mandated Services Aid, are funded at levels that meet the demand. These funds are critical to your operating budgets, and we will continue to make sure that lawmakers and policy makers understand this and do things to avoid a similar scenario in coming years.  

Please stay tuned for updates and action alerts that may be necessary to advocate for our needs.