New: Parent Navigator Program

Teach NYS, in conjunction with our partner Jewish representatives for yeshivas and day schools to the NYC DOE, have started an exciting program to provide vital supports to students in need of or receiving special education supports from the DOE. The parent navigator program aims to assist parents better understand the special education services that are potentially available for students and their families. The navigators educate parents, advocate for them, assist them with the process of applying for an evaluation and much more. In cases where children are already receiving services, the navigators work to ensure that the services are a good fit for the student and that the parents are part of the process and the progress of their child. The navigators also make sure that all the services that the child needs are being provided and troubleshoot the situation when there are gaps.  

Parents see the work of the navigators as a lifeline. Often, parenting a child with special needs can be a challenge for many parents. These children frequently struggle in their classrooms, in their school and home behavior, and in handling their age-appropriate responsibilities. While seeking government subsidized services is a great resource, it’s not a simple process. It’s easy to feel confused, overwhelmed, and “outside” of the process as a parent. The parent navigators tackle these issues and create the most effective synergy with all the different contributors to the child’s development. Whether working with the school, the special education providers, the DOE, or all of them together, the navigators ensure that parents’ and their children’s needs are front and center.  

Daniella Rosenberg has recently joined the Teach NYS team to provide these services in Queens and Far Rockaway schools. Mrs. Rosenberg brings a wealth of experience as a classroom teacher, a professional development coach, and a community activist on behalf of needy students and their families. She joins Zisi Lewis who has been providing services since November to Crown Heights families. Mrs. Lewis has many years of experience as a SETTS provider and is a fierce advocate for needy students and their families.  

The services are paid for through NYC DOE Title IV funds and are the product of a collaborative effort between Teach NYS, The Jewish Education Project, UJO of Williamsburg, Agudath Israel, and Sephardic Community Federation. There are parallel programs running through UJO, Agudath, and SCF.  

To reach Mrs. Rosenberg, please email To reach Mrs. Lewis, please email