NPSE Funding Released and March Deadline

Last week, NYSED released the Year 9 Nonpublic School Security Equipment (NPSE) grant application. The allocations, guidance, application forms, and other important information about the NPSE funding are available on the SORIS section of the NYSED website:

There is a very short turnaround for NPSE this year—applications are due by March 31st, 2023, which is about six weeks away. There are several different sets of eligibility guidelines for use of the funding, and the best way to determine possible uses is to refer to the guidance or the reimbursement form. Those documents break out the different measures for which you can request reimbursement. Unlike the last two years, most schools’ carryover amounts are listed on the allocation sheet, and many schools have substantial carryover dollars to complement their increased regular allocations. As always, we’re happy to assist you with your application or with any questions you may have.