Prequalification For State Grants

Those of you who have worked with us on securing grants in the past likely remember Grants Gateway. This shabby little website hailing from an earlier era of the internet was the first stop in applying for any state grant. Users would have to go through Grants Gateway for the important process of prequalification, a document gathering phase that proves an organization’s identity and eligibility. This December marked the end of an era as the Grants Gateway prequalification function was permanently retired. But while we bid a fond farewell to Grants Gateway, the prequalification process is here to stay.  

The state is transitioning the prequalification process to the SFS Vendor Portal and is promising an updated, easier-to-navigate, streamlined process for everyone involved. This new function will be available on the SFS Vendor Portal beginning January 16th. While the aesthetics and usability may be changing, the basic document requirements are not. That makes this period as we await the transition the perfect time to get your documents together, so you are poised for success when the site launches later this month.  

The required documents are straightforward:  

  1. Certificate of Incorporation  
  2. IRS Determination Letter  
  3. Financial Audit or  
    • a Profit/Loss statement  
    • and a letter certifying its accuracy from your board President  
  4. Board of Directors Profile  
    • Name  
    • Title  
    • Place of Employment  
    • Years served on Board  
  5. Senior Leadership Resumes  
    • Include at least two  
    • Make sure at least one of them wasn’t mentioned in the board profile  
  6. Corporate Bylaws  
  7. Letter on Organization Letterhead  
    • Include text: “Per our IRS determination letter we are exempt from the IRS990 and CHAR500/410 requirements.” 
    • Signature by Board President or equivalent  

Have any questions? No problem, just reach out. We’ve got your back. Let’s work together to make our community safer and stronger in 2024. Asher Butler: