Stem Education Funding Program for Nonpublic Schools Advocated for in Historic Teach NYS Campaign Now Accepting Applications

Reimbursement program helps fund Science, Technology, Engineering and Math instruction for students in nonpublic schools


ALBANY, NY – January 2, 2018: Teach NYS, a nonpartisan organization advocating for government funding in nonpublic schools, is pleased to announce that the STEM instructional program is now accepting applications. Through it, nonpublic schools in New York State are eligible for $5 million in government funding and reimbursement covering the costs of STEM instruction. Once approved, payments will be made to schools in the fall of 2018.

The New York state program has implications for nonpublic schools nationwide. It is the first law mandating that state-issued compensation for nonpublic STEM instructors be equal to their counterparts in public schools.

Teach NYS led an advocacy campaign involving thousands of parents and students, as well as Teach NYS staff and resources, working alongside policy makers in Albany to pass the bill. In coming months, Teach NYS Government Maximization team will be available to nonpublic schools to assist them in the application process, from the early stages to the deployment of funds.

“This program is important for nonpublic schools and our communities, to help ensure that our students are given the knowledge to compete and succeed in the new economy in an affordable fashion. Teach NYS successfully took our message to Albany, and we have made access to quality STEM instruction central to our mission,” said Teach NYS Director Jake Adler.

“In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to work with all relevant stakeholders, our allies in Albany, and everyone within in our network to make sure as many students as possible maximize the benefits available,” said Teach Advocacy Network Executive Director Maury Litwack. “The costs of STEM instruction are prohibitive, and this is an important first step in tackling the tuition crisis in nonpublic schools.”

The STEM program appropriates $5 million to cover the salary of qualified teachers. The New York State Education Department issued program guidance today for the 2017-2018 school year, setting an application deadline of August 1. Specialists from Teach NYS will be working with member schools to assist the application process until that point.

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About Teach NYS: Teach NYS is part of Teach Advocacy Network, a nonpartisan organization advocating for government funding in nonpublic schools. Since 2013, Teach NYS has advocated for increased annual government funding by over $150 million, and significant policy breakthroughs to benefit nonpublic schools.
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