STEM/MST Innovations from Teach NYS

STEM LogoTeach NYS is so thankful to our member schools that were able to attend our Government Maximization Summit. Not only did we unveil our new and exciting STEM developments to them, but it was pleasure to do so in person. The feedback, questions, and enthusiasm from schools reminded us how much they benefit from and appreciate our hard work.

One of the initiatives we unveiled is a potential Teach NYS Masters in Education program. We are in the midst of developing an agreement with a major university to create a custom program, which will help our member schools increase the number of their teachers that are eligible for STEM reimbursements. This program will be customized to your schools, offer special benefits, and most importantly, be inexpensive. School leaders were ecstatic when they learned about it, recognizing the potential for it bring in major funding to their schools. One attendee even stated it was his favorite topic at the Summit!

We also unveiled a new master schedule template, created by Teach NYS. Not only will it reduce the staff time necessary to complete [and revise] the arduous master schedule component, but it will eliminate any margin for error between the individual and master schedules. The best part? We anticipate full NYSED endorsement of our template!

We look forward to helping you with your STEM applications, increasing your teacher eligibility, and making the application process easier for you. Please attend our webinars, read our future newsletters, and reach out to Adam Katz at to learn more and stay updated about the ways we can help your school.