STEM/MST Year 6 Application Includes Gamechangers!

STEM LogoAs you’ve already seen, the Year 6 STEM/MST application was released by NYSED this week. At first glance, they may seem identical to previous years, but taking a closer look, you’ll notice some incredible changes.

What are those changes?

Teach NYS has been sharing and discussing the Teach NYS Master Schedule template with you since 2022. We’ve explained its benefits (timesaver, ensures 100% accuracy between master and individual schedules, simplifies the process, eliminates errors, etc.) and taught you how to use it. We’ve also shared that it was NYSED-approved. Well, we are ecstatic to announce that NYSED has officially adopted the Teach NYS Master Schedule Template as their own! You can access an excel version of the template here.

Before we share the second update, consider the methods by which you were allowed to submit applications to SORIS in the past. Your options were to either upload your applications to the NYSED portal or mail them to Albany. You are all familiar with the pitfalls of mailing and that we advised your schools to mail two separate sets of application packages using different mail delivery providers (UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc.) in case one set was lost, as unfortunately has happened in the past.

Well, the submission process has now changed: For the first time ever, SORIS will also accept your applications via email! That means no more mailing your applications to Albany and worrying that they got lost in the mail!

With these two major changes, as well as a few other clarifications throughout the application components, the Year 6 application process will be simpler and quicker than ever before.

Teach NYS is proud to represent your schools and advocate for your needs. We appreciate our member schools and their support, and we are here to help you through the STEM/MST application process every step of the way.

Please be in touch with Teach NYS if your school would like assistance with this program. Remember, if you’d like us to review your applications, please send them to us by June 12th.