Teach NYS STEM/MST Master Schedule Template Now Available

Over the past five years – since the first STEM/MST application was released by NYSED – Teach NYS has helped schools through the application process. After initially establishing this funding stream, we recognized the need to also provide guidance. Since inception, we’ve advised schools on about 33% of all applications ever submitted. We expect to help over 125 schools with their applications in Year 6, which as of now, has a $70 million pot allocated by Governor Kathy Hochul.

Through our review of applications (over 550 in Year 5, alone) and discussions with schools, we understand that the most time-consuming and laborious component of the application is the compilation of a master schedule. We’ve now helped to remedy that by creating a master schedule template – endorsed by NYSED – that you can now use.

Our master schedule template is a compilation of multiple individual schedules, merged into one excel document. Below is a sample version to help you grasp the concept. On our future webinars and emails, we will be providing details and instructions to fill it out, and we will also work with all schools individually.

This master schedule also doubles as an individual schedule, allowing you to instantly copy the information you’ve typed into the master schedule into an individual schedule template, error free. With the new setup and templates, you will no longer need to spend any time comparing individual and master schedules for inconsistencies. Once you compile the master schedule, the scheduling components of the application are all nearly complete.

Your schools are not required to use the template, so if you are satisfied with your current master and individual schedule creation method, please continue to use it. We do, however, highly encourage all schools to adapt the template since it can save you time on compilation and reviews, eliminate inconsistences, reduce clarification requests from NYSED, and help ensure your reimbursements are correct.

If you would like to begin utilizing this template, you can download it here. If you’d like assistance, please reach out to Adam Katz at katza@teachcoalition.org. We also welcome all feedback on the template and will improve it, as necessary.