NEW YORK – As the country heads into a most important election cycle in November, Teach Advocacy Network, a nonpartisan organization advocating for equitable funding in nonpublic schools, is deploying a new technology to combat what its research shows is the greatest stumbling block of getting Jewish voters to the polls. The group has partnered with Turbo Vote, a free service that will let community members know when elections are happening and provide the information needed to vote with confidence.

Once signed up for this free service, Turbo Vote sends text and email reminders about registration deadlines, upcoming elections and more. One can register to vote, update their voter registration, or request an absentee ballot through the portal.

“In today’s age of information sharing, your vote is private but whether you vote and how your precinct voted is public information – all of our votes count when it comes to telling our locally elected politicians what is important to us, namely funding for nonpublic schools such as our day schools and yeshivas,” said Teach Advocacy Network’s Executive Director Maury Litwack.

“The upcoming elections in November are very important and we’re taking them very seriously by providing numerous opportunities for the community, including this one which automates the process for you,” he added. “In order to make a difference in these elections, we need the community to come out and vote. Our partnership with Turbo Vote makes the process much easier because it sends you everything you need to know in a secure and safe way.”

The service is set up in advance of the New York primaries on Thursday, September 13th.

To sign up in New Jersey: https://teachnjs.turbovote.org/

To sign up in New York: https://teachnys.turbovote.org/

To sign up in Maryland: https://teachmd.turbovote.org/

To sign up in Pennsylvania: https://teachpa.turbovote.org/

Teach Advocacy Network was founded in 2013 advocate to for equitable government funding in nonpublic schools. With a vast network of community leaders, parents and lawmakers across the country, Teach Advocacy is working to keep the costs down of sending children to nonpublic schools. The network has secured $500 million in government aid for nonpublic schools since 2011. Currently, 450 day-schools and yeshivas receive government funding through Teach Advocacy efforts. For more information, visit www.teachadvocacy.org.