Teach CA Lauds California Gov. Newsom for Signing Historic Bill Providing Critical Funding for At-Risk Nonprofit Institutions

SACRAMENTO, California – Teach CA, a project of the Orthodox Union (OU) and a leading advocate for equitable funding for California’s nonpublic schools, thanked Gov. Gavin Newsom for signing an historic bill into law today that established the California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program. The program was given $15 million in initial funding for nonpublic schools, places of worship and other nonprofit institutions. The program will provide up to $200,000 per institution at risk of bias crimes or attacks due to its ideology, beliefs or mission. For the first time, these institutions can use the fund to pay for security personnel.

Teach CA has been advocating for increased security funding for at risk institutions since 2016, and specifically to increase the critical State Nonprofit Security Grant Program.

Both on the state and federal levels, the Orthodox Union has long focused on creating legislation to increase safety for schools and other nonprofits at risk of terror attacks. Teach CA and its affiliated region-based programs in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida Maryland and Ontario work with their local communities to assist them in securing and advocating for similar funding programs.

“Today, the California state legislature and the Governor have shown their commitment to the safety and security of all Californians, including those most at risk of bias or hate crimes. The Jewish community is grateful for the creation of this program as our community faces increased anti-Semitic violence and rhetoric,” said Teach CA Director of State Political Affairs Dan Mitzner. “This grant program allows access to additional State funding to secure our institutions, including our synagogues and day schools.”

“We are extremely grateful to Governor Newsom for heeding the call of so many and making the well-being and security of California’s at-risk institutions a priority,” said Teach CA CO-Chairman Michael Buchman. “With acts of senseless violence reoccurring on a regular basis, including horrific incidents in our own state, a strong response was necessary by the government of California to ensure that people of all faiths feel safe in their community institutions. We thank Governor Newsom, Assembly Member Gabriel and Assembly Member Maienschein for their leadership in passing this bill.”

Teach Coalition was founded in 2013 to advocate for equitable government funding for nonpublic schools. With a vast network of community leaders, parents and lawmakers across the country, Teach Coalition is working to keep the costs down of sending children to nonpublic schools. The network has secured an increase a $1 billion in government aid for nonpublic schools since 2011. For more information, visit https://teachcoalition.org.