Teach NJS Delegation Advocates for Jewish Day School/Yeshiva Funding with Trenton Legislators

Teach NJS Bergen County delegates meet with Assembly Member Valerie Vainieri Huttle (left) to advocate on behalf of Jewish day schools and yeshivas

Following the launch of the Teach NJS initiative with more than 300 members of the New Jersey Jewish community, Teach NJS brought members of the Bergen County Jewish community to Trenton on Thursday to meet with state legislators and advocate for funding bills on behalf of New Jersey’s Jewish day schools and yeshivas.

Specifically, the group is advocating for funding for technology, textbooks, nursing, and school security.

The state currently provides funding for non-public schools to have technology equipment—such as computers, laptops and smartboards—as well as textbooks, but only a fraction of what these students need. The state also provides funding for schools to have full-time nurses and medical equipment, but only about one-third of New Jersey Jewish day schools and yeshivas receive enough funding to employ a full-time nurse. Teach NJS seeks to raise these funding lines so that non-public schools have the resources to provide their students with the latest technology, textbooks, and full-time on-site nurses who can care for students appropriately.

In addition, Teach NJS is supporting the Secure Schools for All Children Act. If passed, the legislation will allow all New Jersey non-public schools to receive funding for critical security services, such as security guards, equipment, and technology, to ensure safe and secure school environments for non-public school students.

The delegation met with Assembly Members Joe Lagana (D-38), Tim Eustace (D-38) and Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-37) as well as Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37).

Each of the legislators encouraged the mission delegates to make their voices heard by voting for representatives who identify with the community’s priorities and by continuing to meet with legislators in Trenton.

“There is no better way to advocate for your cause than to meet your legislators and discuss the issues with them face to face. We at Teach NJS appreciate the delegates who took the time to travel to Trenton to represent our community and thank the legislators for engaging the delegates in a serious and meaningful discussion,” said Josh Pruzansky, Regional Director, OU Advocacy-NJ.

“With the state budget due at the end of the month, it was especially important for community members to join us in Trenton today so that they could discuss the needs of the day school and yeshiva community with our legislators,” said Ariella Noveck, North Jersey Field Director for Teach NJS.