Teach NJS Urges Gov. Christie and Legislature to Go Further on Security Funding for Nonpublic Schools

Teach NJS appreciated Gov. Chris Christie calling attention to the increased threat to religious non-profits today, but urged the governor and the state legislature to do significantly more to protect nonpublic schools. Teach NJS called for increasing nonpublic school security funding to public school levels – from $50 to $144 per student.

Teach NJS has played a leading role in advocating for increased security funds for nonpublic schools in New Jersey. Last year, Teach NJS helped pass the Secure Schools for All Children Act which increased security funds for nonpublic schools from $25 per student to $50, but Gov. Christie deleted security funding completely in his latest budget proposal last week.

Under Gov. Christie’s new fiscal year 2018 budget, nonpublic schools receive zero dollars for security programs.

“Teach NJS is committed to working with Governor Christie and the New Jersey legislature to fight for equal security funding for nonpublic school students,” said Nathan J. Lindenbaum, co-chair of Teach NJS. “Government has a responsibility to protect all of our students – no matter which kind of school they attend. We are cautiously optimistic that Gov. Christie and the legislature won’t leave our children stranded.”

“After the recent spate of bomb threats, it’s become abundantly clear that we need to do more to protect our children in nonpublic schools,” said Maury Litwack, executive director of the Teach Advocacy Network. “TeachNJS has been on the front lines of the fight for funding equity, and we will work with all political leaders to achieve this important goal.”