Teach NYS Applauds Gov. Cuomo for $25M Nonpublic School Security Grant

Teach NYS, a project of Orthodox Union Advocacy, applauds Gov. Cuomo for announcing a $25 million security grant for nonpublic schools. This new grant comes on top of the $15 million in New York State security funds Teach NYS helped secure in prior years.

We are grateful to Gov. Cuomo for his extraordinary leadership in making sure all children can go to school in a safe environment,” said Allen Fagin, CEO of the Orthodox Union. “Unfortunately, the recent spate of bomb threats against Jewish institutions across the country underscores the real dangers too many schools face. This $25 million grant will help nonpublic schools hire the security guards and obtain the equipment they need to keep our children safe. We applaud the governor for recognizing the threat to our children and for acting with deliberation and care to mitigate it.”

Along with its partner schools, parent bodies, and lay leaders, for the past four years Teach NYS has been on the front lines of the effort to increase security funding for nonpublic schools, urging the legislature to invest in protecting all students in New York State.

In 2013, Teach NYS played a leading role in urging the legislature to include $4.5 million in security funds in the SAFE Act. In 2016, Teach NYS advocated successfully to increase this amount to $15 million. Since then, Teach NYS continued to urge the legislature for further increases, highlighting the growing threats many nonpublic schools face. Teach NYS is committed to fighting for further funds in the 2017-2018 budget process to assure full parity in security funding for nonpublic schools.

“We are thankful to Gov. Cuomo for responding to the urgency of this issue,” said Moshe Bane, President of the Orthodox Union. “His leadership is greatly appreciated.”

“This $25 million grant is a culmination of years of hard work and advocacy, and we will continue to fight to make sure all students have the security they deserve – regardless of which school they attend,” said Maury Litwack, Executive Director of the Teach Advocacy Network.


Teach NYS is a state arm of the Teach Advocacy Network, a leading voice for nonpublic school students. Last year, Teach NYS helped secure $345 million for nonpublic schools in New York State, including security funds and grant programs across the country, reimbursement for mandated services, and after-school programing funds.