Teach NYS Thanks Gov. Cuomo for School Security Grants

NEW YORK – Today, Teach NYS, a nonpartisan organization advocating for government funding in nonpublic schools, hosted Gov. Cuomo at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway (HAFTR) and Magen David Yeshivah in Brooklyn to thank him for his support of nonpublic school security and his continued commitment to the sustainability of nonpublic schools. Gov. Andrew Cuomo presented checks to two of the recipient schools.

The visits come following last week’s announcement of the release of New York’s Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes grant funds which awarded millions of dollars in anti-hate grants to schools and nonprofits across New York State. Teach NYS helped to create this $25 million competitive grant as part of the 2017 adopted State budget. and brought Gov. Cuomo to two-member schools today who are beneficiaries of the grants.

“This funding is critical in our efforts to enhance security and protect nonprofit schools, daycares and cultural museums at risk of hate crimes,” Governor Cuomo said. “By supporting the diverse cultures and community centers found throughout this great state, we are setting an example for the nation while establishing a stronger, safer New York for all.”

The two host schools, HAFTR and Magen David, are member schools of Teach NYS which worked with more than 30-member schools throughout the grants process to ensure the community benefited fully from this program. Teach NYS was instrumental in the creation of this program during the 2017 budget cycle. The programs were also attended by representatives from: Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC), Brandeis School, Torah Academy for Girls (TAG), Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Rambam Mesivta High School for Boys, Mesivta Ateres Yaakov (MAY), The Yeshiva of South Shore, Yeshiva of Far Rockaway, Flatbush, Bnos Leah of Prospect Park Yeshiva, Luria Academy of Brooklyn, Yeshiva Torah Temima, Yeshiva Darchei Eres, and Shaare Torah.

“Today was about expressing our deep appreciation to Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature for recognizing the security needs of our schools and our communities and for making adequate funds available so that our children receive comparable benefits in their schools as do all other students throughout the state,” said OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin. “The safety of our schools is the paramount consideration, and we thank the Governor for acting decisively on this critical imperative.”

“Our community is extremely grateful to Gov. Cuomo for being a leader in school security,” said Maury Litwack, Executive Director of the Teach NYS. “This Governor understands that all students in all schools should be safe at school. Today is our opportunity to show our appreciation for his leadership and support for our children.”

Teach NYS has long worked on school security and safety. In 2013, Teach NYS played a leading role in urging the state legislature to include $4.5 million in security funds in the SAFE Act. In 2016, Teach NYS advocated successfully to increase this amount to $15 million. Since then, Teach NYS continued to urge the legislature for further increases, highlighting the growing threats many nonpublic schools face. Teach NYS also led a coalition to pass a nonpublic school safety bill in New York City.

Teach NYS is part of Teach Advocacy Network, a nonpartisan organization advocating for equitable funding in nonpublic schools. Since launching in 2013, Teach NYS has successfully advocated for significant policy breakthroughs to benefit nonpublic schools. Teach Advocacy Network operates in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland and California, covering 186,000 children. Teach Advocacy Network is a project of the Orthodox Union. For more information, visit: www.teachadvocacy.org.