Teach PA Announces Gubernatorial “Get Out the Vote” Awareness Campaign

Teach PA, a project of the Orthodox Union, has launched its “Get Out the Vote” election awareness campaign ahead of the November 2018 gubernatorial contest to increase voter participation and awareness about where the candidates stand on issues that are important to the Jewish day school community.

In the lead-up to the primary election in May, Teach PA will host a mix of public and private events to introduce declared candidates to Jewish day school parents, educators and others interested in hearing from the contenders and asking them questions. All candidates will be invited to participate. The first installment of the series took place yesterday, with gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango, hosted in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

Teach PA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization and the only Jewish group in Pennsylvania focused exclusively on day school advocacy. It does not endorse candidates, and the events are neither solicitations nor endorsements.

“Our goal is to make sure voters have opportunities to meet the candidates and tell them about issues that are important to our community,” said Teach PA Co-chairman Amir Goldman. “So often, people don’t know who’s who on the ballot and end up not voting at all.  Our campaign will provide opportunities for all members of our community to get to know the candidates and their platforms on all sorts of issues.”

Said Teach PA Co-chairman Elliot Holtz, “Exposure to the candidates encourages people to register to vote if they are not already registered, and then, to actually make it to the polls. Each and every vote makes a difference and can impact Pennsylvania programs that are important to us, including the scholarship tax credit programs, EITC and OSTC, that help so many families.”

During the past year, Teach PA worked successfully to grow Pennsylvania’s scholarship tax credit programs with coalition partners, and to maintain funding for textbooks, other instructional equipment and materials as well as security aid, totaling $119 million. Arielle Frankston-Morris, Teach PA director added, “This voter outreach campaign enhances our advocacy work. Greater voter turnout and greater candidate engagement results in a stronger communal voice when it comes to important issues.

Contact: Arielle Frankston-Morris ariellefm@ou.org