PITTSBURGH, PA – December 19, 2017: Teach PA, a nonpartisan organization advocating for government funding in nonpublic schools, is hosting Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Mike Turzai Wednesday at Hillel Academy, to speak with students, staff, and parents. Mr. Turzai, a longtime champion of the unique challenges faced by public and nonpublic schools, will give remarks about EITC, a tax credit program enabling scholarships and opportunities for children from low and middle income families to attend their school of choice. He will also answer questions from students and parents. 
“We are incredibly grateful for the speaker’s support of all students,” said Teach PA Executive Director Arielle Frankston-Morris. “Civic engagement and gratitude are central themes in the work we do on a daily basis, and the speaker’s visit allows us to showcase just that for our students.”
Speaker Turzai has introduced legislation that increases availability of scholarships and promoted better resources for nonpublic schools. This year, Speaker Turzai was the sponsor of a bill that sought to increase EITC and OSTC, and when the budget was finalized, EITC saw a $10 million increase. As a result, 40 percent of Jewish day school students in Pennsylvania are eligible for and in receipt of a scholarship through these programs.
Teach PA has worked successfully to grow Pennsylvania’s scholarship tax credits with coalition partners, as well as maintain funding for textbooks, instructional equipment and materials, and security aid, totaling $119 million in the last year. 
ABOUT TEACH PA:  Teach PA is part of the Teach Advocacy Network, a nonpartisan organization advocating for government funding in nonpublic schools. In collaboration with grassroots activists and community leaders, Teach PA facilitated $119 million last year in aid for security, textbooks, instructional equipment, and materials in nonpublic schools.
The Teach Advocacy Network operates in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland and California, covering 186,000 children. Teach Advocacy Network is a project of the Orthodox Union. For more information, visit: https://teachadvocacy.org 
Matt Matilsky 
Communications Director, Teach Advocacy Network