The Governor’s Budget And What Happens Next

NYS Budget UpdateLast week, Governor Hochul presented her Executive Budget to the state for fiscal year 2025. We are so grateful that the governor heard our community’s voice and increased funding for many of the important programs for our schools and partners. However, this is just the first step in the annual budget process which will only be signed into law on April 1st after extensive negotiations.  

Once the Governor unveils her Executive Budget, the New York State Assembly and New York State Senate are tasked with forming their own budgets, one for each house. The Senate and Assembly will then release their budgets in February. Once all three budgets are drafted, the legislature and the executive enter “budget negotiations”. These negotiations continue through March until April 1st when the final budget is released.  

Every individual can continue to make their voices heard throughout the budget process. Action alerts, letter writing campaigns, and more ensure that our schools and community’s needs are reflected in the budget. Furthermore, our annual mission to Albany in March is a crucial opportunity to show up to our legislators to make sure that our community’s needs are represented in their final negotiations. With your help, we can continue fighting together to ensure equitable funding for all children across New York. 

Some details on the proposed Executive Budget: 

We are thankful to the Governor for reconfirming her commitment to the education and safety of all students in the state of New York no matter where they attend school. We also thank our coalition partners, specifically the Catholic Conference, Islamic School Association, Agudath Israel of America, and UJA Federation of New York, as we continue to fight together for equitable education funding for all children across New York State.