Teach Coalition's
Response to the
Coronavirus Pandemic

Pandemics Don’t Discriminate.

That’s why Teach Coalition is fighting to make sure all students and schools receive government relief.

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Teach Coalition had advocated for our schools and its families at each level of the government to ensure that ALL of America’s children have the resources they need during this time.

    Our Impact Includes:

  • Over 1 million free kosher meals served:
    • NY - 914,000 meals to date (350,000 per week)
    • NJ - 80,000 meals to date (80,000 per week)
    • FL - 43,800 meals to date (1,500 per day)
    • PA - 35,000 meals to date
    • MD – 56,378 meals to date
    • TOTAL: 1,129,178 meals to date (as of last Friday)
  • 1,600 Chromebooks for NYC nonpublic school students
  • iPads for Nonpublic school students with IEPs
  • Tens of millions of federal dollars to Jewish day schools and yeshivas through PPP loans
  • Working with schools to secure their allotted state-directed funds through the CARES Act
  • Acting as a liaison for Jewish day school communities through the county on crafting reopening plans for the fall
  • Lifting of NJ’s prohibition on remote delivery of special education and related services, impacting 240,000 students (including those nonpublic schools) and more than 15,000 professionals

These are unprecedented times, but Teach Coalition was founded on the premise of creating unprecedented possibilities for our schools and its children.

We are working around the clock in partnership with our activists, supporters, lay leaders, and schools across the country to fight for safe and more affordable Jewish education for all children.

We need you to join us in this fight.


Teach Coalition’s COVID work in the news:

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