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    Teach Florida Legislative Breakfast

    January 8th, 2023

    9:30 – 11:00 AM

    Signature Grand

    6900 State Road 84

    Davie, FL 33317


    VIP Room 9-9:30 AM for Leadership Circle (Donors of $1,800+)


    Sponsors (in formation)


    Governor’s Circle ($36,000+)




    Senate Circle ($18,000-$35,999)


    Liora and Daniel Adler
    Anne and Jerry Gontownik
    Sandy and Dr. Allan Jacob
    Erica and Josh Legum
    Racheli and Shlomo Lobell
    Martine and Steven Newman
    Rachel and Alexander Rindner


    House Circle ($10,000-$17,999)


    Sarah and Steven Jacoby
    Caroline and Dan Katz
    Jen and Phil Landau
    Debra and Avi Naider

    Mor and Ben Shapiro
    Chava and Ashi Weisstuch


    Capitol Circle ($5,000-$9,999)

    Chames Family
    Michelle and Michael Citron
    Batya and Meir Cosiol
    Lauren and Eitan Friedman
    Mimi and Akiva Friend

    Marissa and Ben Jacobson
    Carol Lasek and Howard Bienenfeld
    Arielle and Donny Rosenberg
    Dena and Rabbi Howard Seif
    Diana and Daniel Sragowicz
    Zev and Rachelle Stern
    Ted and Linda Struhl


    Judicial Circle ($2,500-4,999)


    Tammy and Daniel Berkowitz
    Liz and Joel Brauser
    Sima and Jon Burstein
    Melissa and Josh Glaser
    Danielle and Ben Jaffe
    Gabrielle and Avi Kuzniecky
    Aliza and Alex Markovich
    Chaim Nash
    Shoshana and Daniel Robbin
    Juliana and Elan Rosenblat
    Ilana and Raffi Rosenzweig


    State Circle ($1,800-$2,499)


    Ellen and Jay Adler
    Leah and Patrick Amar
    Judy and Cantor Uri Aqua
    Debby and Danny Aqua
    Elise and David Askenazi
    Lisa and Phil Baratz
    Avivit and Dror Ben-Aharon
    Lauren and Joel Berley
    Liz and Joel Brauser

    Sharon and Mo Brandt
    Simone and Rabbi Josh Broide
    Rachel and Andrew Bronfeld
    Deanna and Eli Casper
    Leora and Jason Cohen
    Dr. Richard Cuenca
    Mandyf and Allan Davoudpour
    Denburg Family
    Jackie and Michael Estreicher
    Miriam and Mully Fein
    Rachel and Rabbi Yoni Fein
    Sharon and Brian Ferber
    Samantha and Josh Fischler
    Jamie and Menashe Frank
    Melissa and Avidan Frommer
    Jessica and Larry Genet
    Chaya Sara and Mordechai Gibber
    Eliana and Moises Gilinski
    Bari and Ryan Girnun
    Dorit and Daniel Gittler
    Gabrielle and Josh Gold
    Elana and Matthew Grauer
    Shani and Eli Hagler
    Heather and Jamie Hoffman

    Ariella and David Huebner
    Nicole and Geremy Jordan
    Raya and Lev Kandinov
    Florence and Daniel Kaweblum
    Marissa Kessler and Aaron Flasjing
    Jamie and Menashe Frank
    Nicole and Jordan Kavana
    Arielle and Aryeh Kieffer
    Janine and Max Klein
    Talia and Ari Lamet
    Adina and Joe Landsberg
    Jean and Marc Lehmann
    Yitz and Zisa Levin
    Stacey and Phillipe Lieberman
    Maggie and Jason Listhaus
    Rebecca and Craig Lustman

    Nahva and Isaac Maman
    Nechama and Etan Marks
    Reina and Elie Mendelson
    Dahlia and Benjy Miller
    Naomi and Michael Nudell
    Miriam and Dani Oppenheimer
    Perla and Adam Pollock

    Myriam and David Prager
    Annette and Irwin Raij
    Esther and Shmuel Rogatinsky
    Ricie and Brian Sanders
    Yael and Michael Schertz
    Amber and Joey Schwarz
    Elisa and Mo Septimus
    Aliza Septimus and Alan Berger
    Jayne Shapiro
    Denise and Adam Snow
    Elyse and Gil Stein

    Ally and David Steinberg

    Tammy Stern
    Arin and Mickey Taillard
    Alana and Dov Tepper
    Stephanie and Ilan Ulmer
    Stacey and Yaakov Waldman
    Sara and Avi Wargon
    Caroline and Aaron Weisman
    Meira and Adam Weiss
    Raizie and Noam Weissman
    Ivette and Joseph Woldenberg
    Rachel and Akiva Wolk
    Anonymous (2)


    Contributor ($1,000-$1,799)


    Sharon and Michael Budwick
    Jennifer and Jason Eichenholtz
    Mati and Lippy Fischman
    Edith Gelfand

    Ilana and Dovi Lamet
    Sasha and Solly Hess
    Deborah and Dovie Katz
    Crissy and Mark Kogan
    Sara and Ely Levy
    Susie and Josh Loberfeld
    Rachel and Jeremy White
    Randi and Steven Zombek


    Contributor ($500-$999)


    Judy and Avi Baitner
    Esti and Chaim Bar-Eli
    Wendy and Seth Benjamin Goldsmith
    Goldie and Dr. Eli Berman
    Debbie and Josh Bierman
    Marina and Assaf Horenstein

    Danielle and Jared Lustman
    Valerie and Aaron Kurlansky
    Ilana and Evan Landau
    Talia and Eli Litwin

    Alyssa and Isaac Sapoznik

    Tracy and Dovie Spitz
    Miriam Unger


    Contributor ($360-499)

    Yisrael Abisror

    Robin and Joe Andisman
    Toba and YoniAuerbach
    Sara and Marc Bienenfeld
    Tzali Camissar
    Elissa and Ari Ciment

    Melanie and Danny Cohen
    Oobie and Brian Farbman
    Sarah and Alon Kamienny
    Jennifer and David Kain
    Netanel Mazor
    Debbie and Sammy Shapiro
    Alexis and Matthew Strassberg
    Mor and Yitz Taub
    Ashley and Glen Weiss


    Corporate Sponsors


    Alive & Wealth
    BLS Financial

    GPL Promotions
    Kosher Table
    Synergy Realty
    The Newman Group

    Polaris Pharmacy Services (in memory of Rabbi Morris Esformes)