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    Teach Florida Legislative Breakfast

    November 14th, 2021

    9:00 – 11:00 AM

    Signature Grand

    6900 State Road 84

    Davie, FL 33317


    Breakfast Sponsors

    (in formation)

    $36,000+ Governor’s Circle

    Dr. Allan and Sandy Jacob



    $18,000 Senate Circle

    Daniel and Liora Adler

    Dorit and Ben J. Genet

    Steven and Sarah Jacoby

    Alexander and Rachel Rindner

    Simi and Yossi Rosengarten



    $10,000 House Circle

    Ades Family Foundation

    Phil and Jen Landau

    Daniel and Caroline Katz

    Alex and Yocheved Mitchell

    Avi and Debra Naider


    $5,000 Capitol Circle

    Joel and Liz Brauser

    Chames Family

    Meir and Batya Cosiol

    Carol Lasek and Howard Bienenfeld

    Ezra and Lily Gontownik

    Steven and Martine Newman

    Rabbi Howard and Dena Seif

    Zev and Rachelle Stern

    Ted and Linda Struhl


    $1,800 State Circle

    Sarah Rochel and Hillel Adelman

    Jay and Ellen Adler

    Cantor Uri and Judy Aqua

    Debby and Danny Aqua

    Phil and Lisa Baratz

    Rosi and Saby Behar

    Avivit and Dror Ben-Aharon

    Sharon and Mo Brandt

    Michael and Sharon Budwick

    Jon and Sima Burstein

    Sam and Rachel Chavin

    Yaniv and Jeni Chokron

    Donny and Freyda Cohen

    Leeor and Alana Cohen

    Allen and Mandyf Davoudpour

    Daniel and Dorit Gittler

    Josh and Melissa Glaser

    Mully and Miriam Fein

    Jamie and Menashe Frank

    Akiva and Mimi Friend

    Eli and Shani Hagler

    Marc and Vivian Hammerman

    Corey and Rachel Harow

    Yanki and Lauren Hofstatter

    Ben and Danielle Jaffe

    Zalmi and Tova Kahn

    Marissa Kessler and Aaron Flajsing

    Aryeh and Arielle Kieffer

    Aaron and Valerie Kurlansky

    Marc and Jean Lehmann

    Alex and Aliza Markovich

    Isaac and Nahva Maman

    Susan Meyerson (in memory of Judge Murray Meyerson)

    Dov and Jessica Quint

    Brian and Ricie Sanders

    Tammy Stern

    Yechiel and Margo Rosman

    Jayne Shapiro

    Myra Shulkes

    Daniel and Diana Sragowicz

    Yaakov and Stacey Waldman

    Avi and Sara Wargon

    Ashi and Chava Weisstuch

    Joseph and Ivette Woldenberg (in memory of Jaime Zelik Woldenberg Marcovich)

    Danny and Tirtza Vizel

    Daniel and Janessa Wasserman

    Steven and Randi Zombek


    $1,000 Contributor

    Gary and Sandra Bloom

    Jason and Jennifer Eichenholz

    Lippy and Mati Fischman

    Freda Greenbaum

    Dan and Sue Kaskel

    Susie and Josh Loberfeld

    Rabbi Yossi and Mimi Jankovits

    Nissen Catering

    Gary and Elana Rosenbaum

    Joe and Lily Rosenblatt

    Caroline and Ari Weisman

    Risa and Michael Zimmerman



    $500 Contributor

    Wendy and Seth Benjamin Goldsmith

    Eli and Goldie Berman

    Marc and Lori Ben-Ezra

    Rabbi Josh and Simone Broide

    Michael and Jana Chesal

    Sandy and Barbara Cohen

    Rachel and Akiva Distenfeld

    Rabbi Adam and Tzippi Eisenberg

    Ben and Cara Freedman

    Stan and Marla Frohlinger

    Sam and Jenna Goldstein

    Susana and David Kenigsberg

    Avi and Ahava Oppenheimer

    Zev and Dina Raden

    Daniel and Shoshana Robbin

    Chaim and Leah Rosen

    Seth and Perla Salver

    Daniel Stahl

    Jonathan and Suri Winograd

    Anonymous (2)


    $360 Contributor

    Yosef and Leah Amar

    Joe and Robin Andisman

    David and Elise Askenazi

    Yoni and Toba Auerbach

    Avi and Judy Baitner

    Chaim and Esti Bareli

    Wendy and Carlos Berner

    Eli and Deana Casper

    Risa Chopp and Hersh Taubenfeld

    Chesky and Talia Eisenberger

    Brian and Oobie Farbman

    Rachel and Rabbi Yoni Fein

    David and Monica Genet

    Elana and Matthew Grauer

    Yossi and Farrah Izsak

    Alon and Sarah Kamienny

    Melanie and Bernie Kaminetsky

    Janine and Max Klein

    Mark and Crissy Kogan

    Hadassa and Emanuel Korn

    Joel and Ronit Kornbluth

    Gabrielle and Avi Kuzniecky

    Orah and Avi Lasko

    Michael and Sharona Loeffler

    Isaac and Evelyn Marcushamer

    Nati and Judith Mazor

    Dani and Miriam Oppenheimer

    Ari and Cheryl Pearl

    Dani and Nini Ross

    Elaine Ross

    Joe and Shira Sharp

    Adam and Denise Snow

    Ross and Hadas Sommers

    Gil and Lysee Stein

    David and Ally Steinberg


    Corporate Sponsors




    Member Schools

    Beth Emet Elementary School

    Brauser Maimonides Academy

    Donna Klein Jewish Academy

    Gan Katan Miami

    Hadar High School for Girls

    Hebrew Academy Miami

    Jewish Cooperative School

    Jewish Leadership Academy

    Katz Hillel Day School

    Katz Yeshiva High School

    Lanaar Elementary School

    Lehrman Community Day School

    Lubavitch Educational Center

    Lubavitch Hebrew Academy

    Mizrahi Torah Academy

    Ohr Hatorah

    Orlando Torah Academy

    Posnack School

    Scheck Hillel Community School

    Sha’arei Bina Torah Academy for Girls

    The Jewish Academy

    Torah Academy of Boca Raton

    Yeshiva Elementary School

    Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton

    Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes