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Who We Are

Teach NYS was founded in 2013 to advocate for equitable government funding in nonpublic schools. With a vast network of community leaders, parents and lawmakers across the country, Teach NYS is working to make nonpublic schools better, safer and more affordable by advocating for equitable government funding. Currently, 450 day-schools and yeshivas receive government funding through Teach NYS efforts.

Our accomplishments

Historic Victory for New York Nonpublic Schools

600 +

students joined us in Albany to advocate for historic STEM funding for nonpublic schools

$60 million

record breaking for school security funds

$1 million

allocated for a pilot program providing free kosher and hallal lunch to public and nonpublic schools

$900 million

in  additional state funds to New York’s nonpublic schools.

$30 million

in STEM funding

Teach NYS, a division of Teach Coalition, was founded in 2013 to advocate for equitable government funding in New York nonpublic schools. It has secured an additional $450 million in funding for day schools, which is used to increase security, enhance education and defray higher tuition costs.

Teach NYS created a first in the nation program to begin reimbursing nonpublic schools for the costs of qualified STEM instructors. In 2018, it championed a historic pilot program to begin providing Kosher and Halal meals to students enrolled in both public and nonpublic schools in New York City.

Currently, more than 400 nonpublic schools in New York receive government funding through the advocacy work of Teach NYS.