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    Greetings from Annapolis

    Annapolis, Maryland (March 15, 2023) – Teach MD, a project of the Orthodox Union (“OU”), praised the Maryland General Assembly for taking critical steps to make student transportation more accessible to all students, including children attending Jewish and nonpublic students. 

    Delegates Dalya Attar and Dana Stein sponsored the innovative transportation proposal and stewarded it through this year’s legislative session, which is not yet over. They have been strong in their representation of Jewish communities.

    A student transportation program will address a number of critical issues: environment, traffic, safety and workforce hours. (You can watch the sponsors and stakeholders and advocates testify at the hearings and express the need for the program, here 3:35.)

    See Delegate Dalya Attar’s update here (Baltimore Jewish Life).

    Stay tuned as session wraps up and programs like this one are finalized. Visit