The Opportunity Scholarships bill has officially been introduced:
Senate Bill 22 (also known as the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program).

The Nevada legislature has an opportunity to approve Senate Bill 220, which would expand the Opportunity Scholarship Program to serve approximately 6,000 students who cannot afford another educational option, to attend schools of their choice if their current assigned public school is not working for them — one that can help them succeed. The program currently serves only about 1,600 students, and many students are on a waiting list.

This bill also increases eligibility to 400% of the federal poverty line, as well as opening eligibility up to children with disabilities and children of first responders.

Our organization, along with hundreds of families, has been advocating for years for families who need school options in a state that has some of the worst education outcomes in the country, and we will continue to do so with your support.

This year, thanks to the leadership of our new Governor, Joe Lombardo, who has made Opportunity Scholarships one of his top priorities, we are closer than ever to helping our future generation to be afforded an opportunity to receive better education as a reality here in Nevada.

More than ever, we need your help and the help of all Nevadans who believe in freedom of choice in education for our children and their families.

A special thank you to Senator Heidi Seevers Gansert and all the sponsors and co-sponsors for supporting school choice in Nevada!

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All students in Nevada deserve access to quality education and a happy childhood, and if the assigned traditional public school is not working for them, students should not have to be subjected to these circumstances. Why should ONLY the wealthy and well-connected have access to choose the best education possible? We’re fighting for a world in which every child has a chance.