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Maryland Voting Information

Everything You Need to Know

Important Dates

2024 Maryland Primary Election Deadlines

23 APR
Deadline to Register to Vote & Update Registration Information
Early Voting Begins
Deadline for a registered voter to request a mailed or faxed mail-in ballot
Early Voting Ends

2024 Maryland General Election Deadlines

10 MAY
Deadline for a registered voter to request an electronic mail-in ballot.
14 MAY
Mail-in Ballot Deadline: Ballot Box, Polling Place, or Local Board Office
14 MAY
Primary Election
*Congressional Election Dates To Be Determined

Step Three: Engage

Get out the vote in your community!

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What are the 2024 elections for?

The 2024 elections include a race for City Council. The general election will be November 5, 2024.

Is there anything different this year?

You will be able to request absentee ballots for the primary and general elections. Additionally, this year, NYC will be using “rank-choice voting” for the second time.

Why is it important that I vote?

Just the act of voting itself sends a clear message to elected officials that we are “in the game” and should be taken seriously, regardless how we vote.

Why is strong voter turnout important for our community?

Our vote is our community’s voice. It is important that we show our elected officials that we vote in large numbers and that our needs are addressed.