Security Seminar Recap

Teach NYS has worked with and advised hundreds of Jewish organizations on their security grants via phone calls and webinars, but doing so at our Inaugural Summit was something special. Being together – in person – with our member schools for the first time, sharing and discussing ideas, and advising on best practices brought our operations to an entirely new level.  

The topic that we discussed was security grants – specifically the NSGP (federal) and SCAHC (NY) grants. The presentation covered background, timeline, grant requirements, scoring methodology, and the reimbursement process. We had an open discussion about measures that schools can take to protect their facilities and what to include in a vulnerability assessment. We also shared tips for writing a successful grant application. 

To hear from a new and fresh perspective, we brought in special guests – David Katznelson (Executive Director) and Jennah Schuh (Assistant Principal) from ASHAR, a member school – to share their expertise on the topic of security grants. Not only have they successfully secured multiple grants over the years, but they’ve smoothly implemented them, making their facility safer for their students, faculty, and staff. 

If your school is interested in applying for the current Securing Communities Against Hate Crimes (SCAHC) grant, please note that the deadline, which was recently extended, is now noon on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023. We encourage all schools to apply, and organizations that have previously received SCAHC funds can apply for new security projects. 

Any school – either member or non-member – that is interested in Teach NYS assisting with its grant (writing or implementation) should fill out this form here. To help you get started, please feel free to use our Teach NYS Quickstart Guide to the SCAHC grant.