Step Up for Students Spending

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Reimbursement Instructions: Click Here for video tutorial

I.  Tuition Reimbursement Instructions:

Before starting the process make sure you have the following documents:

  1. An invoice from the school reflecting the tuition paid for the quarter you are requesting reimbursement
  2. A document from the school that details the annual tuition cost and mandatory fees.
  3. Proof of payment document. (eg. Bank or credit card statement, front and back of a cleared check, Paypal statement, money order or other electronic payment).-Step Up recommends a bank statement showing the FACTS payment. (If the transaction includes payment for other children not receiving the scholarship, either write a note directly on the bank statement or upload a personal statement with an explanation).
  4. Your personal bank account information routing and account number.-You can show this by taking a screenshot from your FACTS profile. (Step Up recommended using FACTS not a direct statement from the bank account because it is often blanked out for security purposes).

Note: if your child is in pre-k, the invoice should say pre-k and not Daycare or Nursery.


Login to your Unique Abilities profile:

Click “My Information” tab and scroll down to bank information.

  1. Click on the ““pencil and paper” icon to fill in the banking fields.
  2. Click on the “save” icon to save your personal banking information.

Click on “account activity” tab.

  1. Choose “submit a reimbursement request”
  2. By “provider” choose your private school and go to step 4. if it is not listed, choose “other” and go to step 3.
  3. By “provider name” put in the name of your private school. (The school must be a Step-Up eligible school)
  4. By ‘pay to’ drop-down choose “myself”
  5. By ‘invoice date” choose the date on the invoice provided by the school.
  6. By “reimbursement category” choose “eligible private school”
  7. By “reimbursement category” choose “tuition”
  8. By “item amount” put in the amount of the invoice (The amount cannot exceed the balance reflected in your account).
  9. Click “save this item”
  10. Click to accept the “certification statement”
  11. Choose “submit”
  12. Go back to the top and click on “upload reimbursement documents”
  13. Upload the required documents listed abo e and click “finish”


II. Approve a Provider Reimbursement:

(If you will be paying tuition or an approved provider directly out of your scholarship account)
  1. Provide your private school or provider with your child’s FES student ID #
  2. The private school or provider can submit a request for funds that will show up in your inbox under the “account activity tab”
  3. Then click “approve a provider reimbursement” under “view student statement”
  4. click “approve”


III. Purchasing educational materials through the online shop MyScholarship:

Click Here for video tutorial


IV. Pre-Approval for Non-Approved Provider: (required fields)

  1. By Provider tab choose “other”
  2. Provider Name- provider title or name of practice
  3. Pre-Authorization Title -create a title
  4. Item Category (eg. Specialized services)
  5. Item Type (eg. Occupational therapy)
  6. Save This Item
  7. Choose “submit”


Click HERE to view the AAA spending process