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    About Teach New York

    For too long, the needs of yeshivot and day schools, have been ignored when it comes to government aid. Teach NYS is a nonpartisan, single-issue grassroots movement devoted to advocating for government funding and resources for nonpublic schools. Since the inception of Teach NYS in 2013, we have successfully advocated for over $2.3 billion in aid for nonpublic schools. In partnership with our coalition partners, we have stewarded the first STEM reimbursement program in history, equipped all schools with stronger security, and worked to improve the quality and affordability of a nonpublic school education.


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    Member Schools

    Member Schools

    • Adolph Schreiber Hebrew Academy of Rockland (ASHAR)
    • Barkai Yeshivah
    • Beit Rabban
    • Beit Yaakov Orot Sarah
    • Bet Shraga Hebrew Academy
    • Bnos Bais Yaakov
    • Bnos Leah Prospect Park Yeshiva
    • Bnos Malka
    • Darchai Menachem
    • Derech HaTorah of Rochester
    • Gan Academy
    • Gan Aliya/Bnos Aliya
    • Hannah Senesh Community Day School
    • Haor Beacon
    • Hebrew Academy of Five Towns and Rockaway (HAFTR)
    • Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB)
    • Hebrew Academy of Nassau County (HANC)
    • Hebrew Day School of Sullivan and Ulster County
    • Imagine Academy
    • Ivdu School
    • Jewish Foundation School of Staten Island
    • Long Island Hebrew Academy
    • Luria Academy of Brooklyn
    • Magen David Yeshivah
    • Maimonides Hebrew Day School of the Capitol
    • Manhattan Day School
    • Manhattan High School for Girls
    • Mazel Day School
    • Mesivta Ateres Yaakov
    • Mesivta Netzach Hatorah
    • Mill Basin Yeshiva
    • North Shore Hebrew Academy
    • Ohr Temimim
    • PTACH
    • Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School
    • Rabbi Jacob Joseph School (Boys and Girls Divisions)
    • Ramaz School
    • Rambam Mesivta
    • Reach For The Stars Learning Center
    • SAR
    • Shaare Torah (All Divisions)
    • Shulamith
    • Solomon Schechter School of LI
    • Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan
    • Solomon Schechter School of Queens
    • Staten Island Hebrew Academy
    • Syracuse Hebrew Day School
    • Talmud Torah Siach Yitzchok
    • Talmudic Institute of Upstate NY
    • The Brandeis School
    • The Leffell School (Solomon Schechter School of Westchester)
    • Torah Academy for Girls
    • Westchester Day School
    • Westchester Hebrew High School
    • Westchester Torah Academy
    • Yeshiva Darchei Torah
    • Yeshiva Har Torah
    • Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island
    • Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan
    • Yeshiva of Central Queens
    • Yeshiva of Far Rockaway
    • Yeshiva Torah Temimah
    • Yeshiva Toras Chaim of South Shore
    • Yeshivah of Flatbush
    • Yeshivas Ohavei Torah
    • Yeshivat Darchei Eres (YDE)
    • Yeshivat Mekor Haim
    • Yeshivath Gesher
    Board Members

    Board Members

    • Sam Sutton, Co-Chair & Founder
    • Cal Nathan, Co-Chair
    • Ira Balsam
    • Howard Balter
    • Moishe Bane
    • Jack Bendheim, Founder
    • Jack Cayre
    • Elliot Gibber
    • Ronny Hersh
    • Lance Hirt
    • Barry Lovell
    • Daniel Lowy
    • Chuck Mamiye
    • Adam Tantleff
    • Joshua Trump
    Leadership Circle

    Leadership Circle

    • Robert and Michelle Zellner
    • Jeffrey and Susan Meyers
    • Michael Beyda
    • Abe and Barbara Chehebar
    • Daniel Sultan
    • Harold and Lori Dweck
    • Soly Bawabeh
    • Steven and Adrienne Shalom
    • Lee Cohen
    • Maurice Ades
    • Steven Novick
    • Jonathan and Jenny Katz
    • Mark and Sherry Fessel
    • Marc and Ronnie Schlussel
    • Lee Cohen
    • Joseph Gad
    • Aaron and Pamela Lauchheimer
    • Ariel Schachter
    • Aaron and Yael Zelig
    • Yehuda and Anne Neuberger
    • Raymond and Elizabeth Gindi
    • Louis and Marian Franco
    • Henry Guindi
    • Morris Cohen
    • Hymie and Michelle Cohen
    • Marshall and Jean Mizrahi
    • Isaac Chehebar
    • Morris and Frieda Cohen
    • Charles Mizrahi
    • Morris Sabbagh
    • David and Diana Safier
    • Louis Shamie
    • Sol Fallas
    • Ikey Levy
    • Joseph Oved
    • Michael Swieca
    • Gerald and Eileen Lieberman
    • David Azar
    • Harry Tawil
    • Jack and Marjorie Gindi
    • Yeshiva Ohavei Torah
    • Jack and Regine Ashkenazie
    • Richard and Leora Linhart
    • Moshe and Devora Smith
    • Hillel Yeshiva
    • Jack Kassin
    • Elliot and Laurie Sutton
    • Mark Adjmi
    • Jack and Marjorie Gindi
    • Sam and Nancy Sutton
    • Joshua and Elizabeth Trump
    • Marvin and Roz Samuels
    • Jerry and Esther Williams
    • Jack and Regine Ashkenazie
    • Ralph Harary Foundation
    • David Haddad
      Michael and Michelle Nachmani
    • Michael Haddad
      Jaret Feldman
    • Fred and Pauline Harari
    • Marshall and Jean Mizrahi
    • Sol Betesh
    • Ralph S Gindi Family
    • Foundation
      Joey Gabbay
    • Abraham Sultan
      Jeffrey and Debbi Gindi
    • Calvin and Janine Nathan
    • Michael Shamah
    • Saul Tawil
    • Gabriel and Beth Nechamkin
    • Harry and Alison Adjmi
    • Haim and Barbara Dabah
    • Joseph Shamie
      Sion Betesh
    • Salomon Harari
    • Haddad Family
    • Morris and Rachel Tabush
    • Isaac Gindi
    • Jack Kassin
    • Natalio and Anne Fridman
    • Raymond Chalme
    • Haim and Barbara Dabah
    • Norman Jemal
    • David and Nancy Oved
    • Victor and Alice Tawil
    • Norman Jemal
    • Franco Bros/Dreamwear Fund
    • Mark Adjmi
    • Joseph and Ester Jerome
    • Lance and Rivkie Hirt
    • Mark Chraime
    • Eddie Sitt
    • Kiddesigns, Inc.
    • Mark and Joanne Bane
    • Isaac Ash
    • Jack and Giti Bendheim
    • Jack Haddad
    • Raanan and Nicole Agus
    • Albert Laboz
    • James and Amy Haber
    • Adam Tantleff
    • Daniel Lowy
    • Michael and Lisa Leffell
    • David and Becky Zwillinger
    • Mark and Barbara Silber
    • Alan and Helene Shamah
    • Charles and Allegra Mamiye
    • Jack Cayre
    • Parthenon Sportswear Ltd
    • Eisenreich Family Foundation
    • Neil and Sherry Cohen

    Our Team

    Dan Mitzner

    COO & Director of Government Affairs, Teach Coalition

    Yosef Kanofsky

    Director of Government Programs, Teach NYS

    Sydney Altfield

    Grassroots Engagement Director, Teach NYS

    Sydney Altfield

    Grassroots Engagement Director, Teach NYS

    Sydney Altfield serves as the Director of Grassroots Engagement for Teach NYS. Previously, Sydney served as a Development Fellow at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). She is a proud graduate of the University of Central Florida where she received her bachelors degree in Event Management and earned a minor in Leadership Studies.
    Adam Katz

    Associate Director of Government Programs, Teach Coalition

    Adam Katz

    Associate Director of Government Programs, Teach Coalition

    Adam Katz serves as the Associate Director of Government Programs for Teach Coalition. Working with schools throughout the country, he helps them navigate government programs and ensure they take maximum advantage of all available funding sources. Adam brings a wide range of skills and experience to the organization. He has worked at the Kitty and Michael Dukakis Center Think Tank for Urban and Regional Policy as well as the US Navy, started his own real estate advisory firm, served on the board of directors of a nonprofit, and is an author. Adam earned a master's degree in Public Policy from Northeastern University and a bachelors degree in Economics from University of Massachusetts Amherst. Adam lives in Passaic with his wife and three children.
    Leah Grossman

    Director of Mandated Services, Teach NYS

    Leah Grossman

    Director of Mandated Services, Teach NYS

    Mrs. Leah Grossman directs the Mandated Services Reimbursement team for Teach NYS. Mrs. Grossman has a background in math and upwards of two decades of experience working with schools to maximize their reimbursement for NY mandates through the Mandated Services and CAP programs . She lives in Lakewood, NJ with her family.
    Mackenzie Frand

    Grassroots GOTV and Operations Manager, Teach Coalition

    Mackenzie Frand

    Grassroots GOTV and Operations Manager, Teach Coalition

    Mackenzie Frand serves as the Grassroots GOTV and Operations Director at Teach Coalition. Previously, Mackenzie served as the Associate Grassroots Director at Teach NYS. She graduated cum laude from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2015 with a BA in Sociology. When not working, Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her dogs.
    Rebekah Rybstein

    Government Programs Specialist, Teach NYS

    Rebekah Rybstein

    Government Programs Specialist, Teach NYS

    Rebekah Rybstein serves as a Government Programs and Security Grant Specialist for Teach Coalition. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a concentration in Business Law and Real Estate. Previously, Rebekah was involved in numerous advocacy efforts between elected officials, civic groups, and not-for-profit organizations throughout Southeastern Brooklyn.
    Dvorah Waldman

    Mandated Services Claims Analyst, Government Maximization, Teach NYS

    Dvorah Waldman

    Mandated Services Claims Analyst, Government Maximization, Teach NYS

    Dvorah Waldman has an MA in speech language pathology from University of Cincinnati and ten years of experience in the education system, as well as experience with Early Intervention claims submission and problem-solving. She joins our Mandated Services team to assist schools with claims preparation and maximization.