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Nonpublic School Advocacy

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United, Empowered
Nonpublic School Advocacy

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ACTION ALERT: California - Support Equal Opportunities for Jewish Children with Special Needs

All Students
Deserve To Thrive

All Students Deserve To Thrive

For too long, the needs of nonpublic schools, like yeshivas and day schools, have been ignored when it comes to government aid.
  • Teach Coalition a project of the Orthodox Union, is a multi-state, grassroots movement devoted to advocating for nonpublic school funding and resources.
  • Join us as we fight for quality, affordable nonpublic education.

government aid

$2 Billion
Helped grow government aid to nonpublic schools by $2 billion


450 Schools
Empowering yeshivas and day schools across communities

Grassroots Movement

36.5K Activists
A united grassroots movement fighting for our schools, teachers, and kids.

TEACH In Your Community

Teach In Your

Florida: Senator Rick Scott meets with day schools students
Senator Rick Scott meets with day schools students
Pennsylvania : Speaker Mike Turzai at Caskey Torah Academy
Speaker Mike Turzai at Caskey Torah Academy
New Jersey: Free Lunch Program
New Jersey
Free Lunch Program
New York :Mission to Albany
New York
Mission to Albany
New York: Voter Registration drive participant, NY, part of NY’s Get Out The Vote campaign
New York
Voter Registration drive participant, NY, part of NY’s Get Out The Vote campaign

“We are really excited about the NYC security guard program. It has made our school a safer place by adding the presence of more security guards”

Rabbi Joseph Beyda
Principal, Yeshivah of Flatbush

“Maury and his team are always willing to make a call and work on any opportunity to help benefit our yeshivot.”

Charles Mizrahi
Magen David Yeshivah

“Thank you all so much for everything you do – we would be lost without the invaluable support that Teach NJ provides in so many ways!!”

Rabbi Saul Zucker
BPY, Head of School

“I deal directly with families that struggle, and it’s painful and difficult. We used to have a lot more of those conversations, and now we have a lot less. Teach has been a lifesaver.”

Rabbi Chaim Friedman
Director of Development at Yeshiva Elementary School (YES)

“Teach Florida is doing an extraordinary job working with our elected officials to tap into funds to help support our education, an education which is a birthright for every Jewish child.”

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

“Having access to the security grant will allow us to sleep a little easier at night knowing that we are doing our best to keep our children safe.”

Besie Katz
Principal, Politz Hebrew Academy in Philadelphia

“Teach PA has taught us how to advocate for our students and our school and we have experienced great benefit. There is more work to do and we look forward to continuing our close partnership with the organization and staff”

Rabbi Isaac Entin
Head of School, Caskey Torah Academy


Measurable Achievements, VITAL Benefits


Special Education

Universal Pre-Kin


Covid-19 Relief

K-12 Scholarships


Mandated Services




Special ED

Prof. Development


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