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    2021-2022 NJ Jewish School Enrollment Analysis

    By Gabriel Aaronson
    02 Feb 2023
    Enrollment Trends

    2021-2022 NJ Jewish School Enrollment Analysis. 

    In October 2021, NJ nonpublic school enrollment was 152,324 – 5,217 (3.6%) higher than the previous year. This is notable because it’s the first year on record when NJ nonpublic enrollment has increased. Since 2013, when enrollment was 156,000, nonpublic enrollment has gone down every year (avg -532 students, -0.3%), except this one. 

    In October 2021, year on year, Jewish school enrollment went up 2,576 (4.6%) to 58,605 students. Jewish day school students now comprise 38.5% of NJ Nonpublic school students – from 38.0% in the prior year. This relatively small proportional increase is because NJ Non-Jewish enrollment also went up this year, again reversing almost a decade of declining enrollment. 

    There was not a large shift in the areas where Jewish day school students were located. As with last year the vast majority are in Lakewood (42,096, +5.6%), followed by Passaic (3,332, +1.35%), Paramus (2,701, +3.7%), and Teaneck (1,290, +1.1%). 


    Most other townships didn’t change significantly in absolute terms, although East Brunswick (357, -38%), River Edge Boro (850, -6.7%), Elizabeth (664, -5.8%), Clifton (180, -18%), and Cherry Hill (214, -12.7%) lost significant percentages of their students.