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    NY Enrollment Update 2022

    By Tzvi Kiwala
    15 Sep 2023

    2022-23 Update on NY Jewish School Enrollment  

     In October 2022, NY nonpublic school enrollment was 420,725 – a decrease of 663 students (-.16%) from the previous year, a continuation of the overall trend of decreased nonpublic school enrollment in NY state.  Since 2000, when enrollment was 527,121 nonpublic enrollment has gone down every year (avg. -4,626 students, -0.88%), except for 2011, 2014, and 2021. Enrollment in Jewish schools in October 2022 went up 3,068 (1.7%) to 180,320 students. Jewish day school students now comprise 42.9% of NY Nonpublic school students – up slightly from 42.1% in the prior year.  

     Growth in Jewish school enrollment was concentrated in Monsey (+1,163,+3.3%), Brooklyn (+780,+.85%), Monroe (+744,+4.4%), Nassau County (+194,+2.2%), and Queens (+99,+.75%). The largest decrease in enrollment was seen in Manhattan (-113,-2.5%), and Rochester (-22,-8.7%). 


    Taking another look at growth by Jewish category, the largest enrollment increase was Chassidic (+2,049, +2.1%), then Other Orthodox – Single Gender (+620, +1.2%), followed by Other Orthodox – Coed (+448, +2.2%). A decrease in enrollment was seen in the Non-Orthodox category (-49, -1.1%). 

    Keeping in line with trends discussed in our recent study, “Enrollment Trends In New York Jewish Schools, 2000-2021″, NYS Jewish Enrollment Trends 00-21 – Report, Kindergarten enrollment in 2022 continued to plateau, as can be seen in Figure 3.