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    2022-2023 NJ Jewish School Enrollment Analysis

    By Tzvi Kiwala
    04 Apr 2023
    Enrollment Trends

    2022-2023 NJ Jewish School Enrollment Analysis

    In October 2022, NJ nonpublic school enrollment was 155,075 – 2,884 (1.9%) higher than the previous year. This is the second year on record that NJ nonpublic enrollment has increased. Nonpublic enrollment has decreased almost every year since 2013 (avg -532 students, -0.3%), except in school years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

    As in previous years, Jewish school enrollment numbers in NJ have continued to rise. In 2022, Jewish enrollment increased 3,279 (5.6%) to 61,877 students. Jewish day school students now comprise 39.9% of NJ nonpublic school students – up from 38.5% in the prior year. This relatively small proportional increase is because NJ non-Jewish enrollment also went up this year, again reversing almost a decade of declining enrollment.

    There was not a large shift in the areas where Jewish day school students were located. As with last year, the vast majority are in Lakewood (44,977, +6.8% compared to prior year), followed by Passaic (3,523, +3.5%), Teaneck (1,353, +3.7%) and Paramus (2,853, +1.7%).

    Most other townships didn’t change significantly in absolute terms, although Tenafly (205, -31.4%), Elizabeth (599, –21.3%), East Brunswick (328, –8.1%)and River Edge Boro (817, -3.8%) lost significant percentages of their students.