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    Enrollment Trends in New York Jewish Schools, 2000-2021

    By Tzvi Kiwala
    10 Aug 2023
    Enrollment Trends

    Enrollment in New York yeshivas and Jewish day schools has grown tremendously since the turn of the century, from 104,797 students in 2000 to 177,252 in 2021 – a 69% increase over the two decades. However, growth over the past two decades was not constant. The rate of growth was highest from 2006 to 2015, with growth slowing considerably from 2016 onward.

    This inaugural report by the Teach Coalition Office of Jewish Education Policy and Research explores these trends and concludes that slowing enrollment growth in New York is likely because Jewish families are moving to other states. Available evidence suggests that the high costs of living and Jewish education in New York are key factors driving young families to other states, particularly New Jersey an Florida.

    We recommend further research to confirm these findings, as well as further advocacy to make New York yeshivas and Jewish day schools more affordable.

    Download the Report Here: NYS Jewish Enrollment Trends 00-21 – Report

    Download the Jewish Enrollment Base Data Here: NYS Jewish Enrollment 00-21 – Base Data

    Contact the Author: Gabriel Aaronson;

    Read the Full Report Below:

    Enrollment Trends in NYS Jewish Schools (2000-2021)_Final